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One of the most popular projects for home improvement, extensions of all types have become a main-stay of what we do . Whether single or double storey, we have designed an endless variety of options for our clients, helping them to improve and expand their home.


A simple rear extension can provide a large, open-plan living space for cooking and entertaining, maybe with access to the garden through sliding or bi-fold doors – ideal for the barbeque season or for letting in some much needed extra light on a gloomy winters day!


A two storey option could provide the same, but with the addition of a much needed extra bedroom or two, or perhaps a new master bedroom with en-suite?


We have the knowledge, design ideas and experience to advise you how to make the best use of your 'dead space' and improve quality of life for the whole family whilst adding value to your most prized commodity.


Do I need permission?

Quite possibly not! Under the 'permitted development' rules you are allowed to build certain types of extension without planning permission. We can advise you on what you can and cannot do, making sure that you are applying for permission where required and have the correct paperwork in place for your particular project.

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