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Conversions and New-Builds

Over the years we seem to have developed a speciality for converting existing buildings into flats. Working with local developers who see the potential for adding value to a property, we have produced many conversion schemes that make clever and creative use of space to maximise re-sale or rental value of the site.


You may be a home-owner looking to add an annexe or additional property within the garden, or a developer looking to convert a large house into multiple units. Or perhaps you just want to convert your garage into additional living space?

As well as converting existing properties we also design new properties either as projects for our developer clients or as individual homes for the end user.


Project Examples:

1. New-build providing 2x 2 bed apartments and 1x penthouse 2 bed apartment - you've probably noticed it on Goring seafront?

2. Old workshop converted into 2 residential units behind a shop in Tarring......

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