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3D Computer Models

At Deadspace Designs we can't over-emphasize the usefulness of seeing your ideas come to life in 3 dimensions.

Not all our clients are able to fully visualize what their ideas will look like from standard plans, so we can offer an additional service if required....


.....3D computer images of how your project will look, either inside, outside or both.

Once we have a model of your particular project built on the computer we are able to show you views from all angles and change materials, colours and features so that you can make important decisions with confidence.


Our 3D service is often used by developers who want to present a project to investors or the council and enables them to show off the designs in the best light for maximum impact.


We are able to model a wide variety of projects from interiors to exteriors, including landscaping/gardens etc, so if you need to see anything in 3D please ask...we can probably do it!


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